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We are a professionally aggressive company with a solid track record of consistently achieving and exceeding our manufacturers’ goals throughout our account base. We firmly believe that our ongoing successful involvement and knowledge of the buying community will be a benefit to your company. 

As a sales organization we have developed a unique understanding of this strategic and volatile marketplace. Our region is the headquarters for many important national accounts, corporate buying offices, chain stores, department stores, mass merchants, distributors, direct mail, E-commerce merchants, computer and specialty retailers. 

Each customer is unique as well. They require us to thoroughly understand their management’s policies and work within their guidelines. We have therefore established close relationships with the merchandising team and executive management level in each account in order to maximize our results and accomplish the goals set forth by our manufacturers. 

There is a delicate balance that must be achieved and maintained between our customers and manufacturers. This is specifically a function, we, as manufacturers representatives, perform in a highly productive fashion.

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